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Barnett Crossbow Reviews

Barnett Crossbows are a few of the most well-made crossbow options on the market. We’re going to take a closer look at what makes Barnett crossbows a great options you. Barnett essentially defines everything you seek out of a Crossbow as they’re constantly striving to achieve perfection with every crossbow they produce. For example, the fit and finish of Barnett crossbows is a direct reflection of the quality craftsmanship the team at Barnett puts into every single bow.

As Barnett is one of the leaders in making crossbows, it’s no surprise that brands like Parker and Excalibur are constantly seeking ways to innovate in an effort to beat out Barnett. But even still, Barnett is still our preferred choice for most crossbow activities including hunting which I am sure is why many of you are reading this article on Barnett Crossbow Reviews.

Barnett Crossbow Reviews

1. Barnett Ghost 375 Crossbow

Lighter than all the rest; the Barnett Ghost 375 crossbow is made of with a patented carbon fiber design, exclusive to Barnett. With superior engineering, the weight of the crossbow is only 7.1 lbs total. It’s compact and features customized laminated limbs make it a thing of beauty to hold and it’s performance is even better. With a velocity of 375 fps, you’ll be taking down game in no time with Barneet 375 Crossbow.

Another feature we really like about the Ghost 375 CRT is the Anti-Dry Fire trigger and safety bar which provides an extra line of safety before you hit your next target. And of course performance wise, the Ghost 375 has an impeccable balance of speed and weight making it one of our all-time favorite compact bows available on the market.

Included in the package you’ll be receiving the Ghost 360 CRT along with 3 arrow quivers, a set of carbon arrows and a fantastic illuminated scope which will be sure to impress your pals the next time you’re on the hunt. Consider adding a single pin bow sight as well for ultimate accuracy.

2. Barnett BC Droptine NXT Crossbow Package Review

With the Barnett BC Droptine NXT at your side, taking down any legal game is a breeze. With over 109 lbs of kinetic energy, the BC Droptine NXT provides more than enough power to take down game humanely. Weighing in at only 7 lbs, the power isn’t going to slow you down if you have a decent trek on your hunt.

The crossbow itself is compact and fits snugly across your back; again allowing for easy maneuverability through any tight brush. Barnett also includes 3 20” arrows with the package but ultimately any 20” arrow will work fine with this crossbow, but do check that they are at least 400 grain to avoid any cracking.

Cocking the bow is easy and the 3.5lb trigger pull makes it feel more like a rifle than a crossbow. The string moves back smoothly and will lock into place when set. To make the job easier, there is a hand-crank style cocking device as an accessory if required. So if you feel like the rope-cocking method is too much, you can easily add the hand-crank to make cocking the device a breeze.

As for safety, the Carbon Rise Technology offer by Barnett removes 43% of the riser weight, allowing for a much steadier shot. The crossbow itself feels extremely well made both for safety and durability made with a CNC aluminum flight track and CNC machined 7/8” picatinny rail. Over the many time’s I’ve fired this crossbow, the safety has never released during cocking which is a big bonus as well.

Meet the Penetrator by Barnett. Packaged with crosswire strings and whiplash cams, you’ll have a smoother, faster, quieter and even more precise shot with this crossbow. As with the majority of crossbows, assembling the Penetrator is fairly easy. After about 5 minutes, you’ll have the prod attached to the stock and scope installed. Easy!

The Penetrator powers hunting arrows at 350 FPS, and provides roughly 109 ft. lbs of kinetic energy to penetrate your target. It’s not difficult to imagine how they came up with the name is it? Accuracy wise, target practice showed that power was matched by accuracy as I was able to maintain 1.5” groupings from 35 yards. Pretty darn good if I do say so myself.

Ideal for small, medium and most large game – the penetrator is bit heavier than it’s counterparts weighing in at 8.6 pounds. Again, it’s not TOO heavy where you’ll feel like it’s dragging you down on your trek but it is a solid pound heavier than the Ghost and BCXtreme.

Cocking the Barnett Penetrator is easy as it comes with a rope cocking device. If that is still a bit too much, you can make use of the hand cranking device which will have your crossbow cocked easily. Either method allows you to cock the crossbow in seconds and in my experience with this model; because it’s a bit heavier, is to use the hand crank provided.

And of course since this is a PACKAGE it ships with three 20” 400-grain arrows. These arrows aren’t exactly ideal though as carbon arrows will provide much more durability and a smoother flight path. The arrows that shipped with the package did bend overtime so it’s tested recommendation.

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As for safety, Barnett takes pride in ensuring all of their equipment is built with safety in mind. This includes durability as it is a bow that is clearly well made. The safety is easily accessible and the ADF (Anti-Dry Fire) works seamlessly with the bow.

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