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Top 5 Best Crossbow for Deer Hunting

Sorting the best from the rest to help you find the ultimate crossbow for deer hunting applications!

The mighty crossbow…a weapon suitable for those just entering the world of bow hunting, but also something used by the most professional of hunters, it’s arguably one of the best ways to get with into the swing of things when it comes to archery!

But Here’s The Deal:

With so many varieties and models out there, how do you know which one to pick? What crossbow will work bets for your specific needs and the kinds of uses you have in mind for it?

Well, that’s easy. You just follow our advice!

We’ve compiled a list of the best crossbows for deer hunting currently available on the market. Have a look at our picks; hopefully you’ll spot something that sparks some serious interest.

2020’s Best Deer Hunting Crossbows

Best Crossbow for Deer Hunting

The current market for crossbows seems to be endless, and prices vary for these weapons, selling from as little as $50 for basic models, all the way up to about $300 for top-end weapons. The best crossbows for deer hunting often come with their own kits, but expect to pay anything in the $400 price class for these.

With that being said, let’s kick things off with our number one crossbow for deer hunting…

1. iGlow

Coming in at our runner-up position is the iGlow Camouflage Hunting Crossbow, which is a stock-standard entry model. We reckon that this is a great pick because it’s affordable and doesn’t require heaps and bounds of knowledge or effort to be operated.

We had some beef with the not-so-great arrow speed of 220 FPS, but that wasn’t a train smash since the iGlow had other cool features picking its rep back up, like for instance the fact that it’s very lightweight and also super easy to use.

As part of the affordable price tag, we also got a 4×20 scope as well as a dozen bolts, although we fitted the crossbow with a laser sight to improve the results we were getting. This crossbow is perfect if you’re considering a shooting range of 30 yards or less.


  • Very lightweight
  • User-friendly and easy to operate
  • Very affordable


  • Entry model
  • Slow arrow speed
  • Not as durable as high-end models

2. SAS Jaguar

The SAS Jaguar comes in as our best mid-range deer hunting crossbow. With its auto-safety cocking mechanism, we found this weapon to perform exactly the way we imagined it would. It has a functional design and with a 175 pound draw weight, it should be suitable for a wide range of hunters.

We liked the idea that the SAS Jaguar has a compression molded fiberglass limb, because it was relatively silent when used and the composite stock was also very comfy and easy to handle and fire.

If you’re a lightweight hunter or a little young, you might need some help with cocking this crossbow. On the plus side, the SAS Jaguar has some serious power over a range of 40 yards, making it one of the best beginner bows out there.


  • It’s affordable
  • It’s comfortable and relatively   easy to handle and carry
  • It has effective power over a range of 40 yards


  • Younger hunters may need help with the cocking mechanism
  • Doesn’t have a lot of power over long ranges
  • Not for professional use

3. PSE Fang

Last but definitely not least is the PSE Fang crossbow. Pound-for-pound, it totally measures up to the awesomeness that you can expect from our number one pick, the Barnett Brotherhood. For its price, you’ll get brilliant speed, versatility, and most importantly, accuracy. Want to know the best part? This thing weighs in at less than 7 pounds!

The PSE Fang has a power stroke of 14.25 inches, making it perfectly suitable for deer hunting applications. The Fang also comes with an anti-dry fire trigger as well as a removable scope.

We found the 155 draw weight a little weird, but you kind of get used to it after a while. We recommend removing the scope it comes fitted with and replacing it with something more in line with your intended uses for the crossbow.


  • Accurate up to 75 yards
  • Very accurate, lightweight, fast, and versatile
  • Comes with anti-dry fire trigger and removable scope


  • The scope that it comes fitted    with isn’t amazing
  • A draw weight of 155 pounds   feels odd

4. Barnett Brotherhood

The Barnett Brotherhood is arguably one of the best and most potent crossbows on the market. It comprises of a high-energy cam system, supported by the ADF trigger system. This ensures that shots are fired straight and true, not to mention fast.

We reckon that one of the biggest issues with this Barnett crossbow is the fact that it needs you put in some effort in order to draw, but that can easily be overlooked given this weapon’s design and high-quality materials.

To help you get the cocking done with less effort, you’ll also get a foot stirrup. In order to help keep your crossbow in tip-top shape, you’ll have to wax the string on a regular basis, think along the lines of once every ten or so shots, just to keep the consistency where it should be.


  • Complete crossbow kit with       purchase
  • Very accurate, reliable, and fast
  • Has a high-energy cam system and ADF trigger


  • Drawing requires a considerable amount of effort
  • It’s not exactly a budget crossbow

Final Thoughts

Now that you’ve read through this post, you should be armed with all the information you’ll need in order to purchase the best crossbow for deer hunting. We hope that you have enjoyed the information we gave you and that you’re amped to take on the new hunting season armed with an excellent weapon!

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