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Top 5 Best Hunting Arrows: Review and Guide

One of the oldest weapons on the planet, the arrow has stood the test of time as a reliable hunting tool. Through history, arrows have changed dramatically. Originally with tips carved of stone or wood, arrows were used both with or without bows. Today, the best hunting arrows are sophisticated weapons, designed to take down prey both humanely and precisely. In the following review, we’ll go over all of the components of what makes the best hunting arrows, and recommend the best set of arrows based on your hunting needs.

Light Hunting Arrows Vs Heavy Hunting Arrows

The debate has been extensive and it still rages on regarding which weight of arrow is most effective for hunting. It’ll likely never end although I like to lend my ear to science (specifically physics) to know that that a heavy arrow offers better penetration. And better penetration results in a better hunting arrow.

In our reviews, we’ll be looking at both light and heavy arrows although we’ll have a special emphasis on some heavier options.

What are hunting arrows made of?

Wood- Since the dawn of hunting, humans have shot wood shafted arrow and have had much success. But unless you’re a traditional longbow hunter or a modern day caveman, you will not be using a wooden arrow. Wooden arrows are heavier, slower and are delicate which makes them a terrible choice when hunting with a compound or recurve bow.

Carbon- Carbon arrows burst on to the hunting scene in the early 90’s and have increasingly become more popular among bow hunters. Carbon hunting arrows are lighter than aluminum and hold extremely tight tolerances. This results in higher speed, increased accuracy and in some cases; higher penetration.Aluminum- There was a period when aluminum arrow shafts were the preferred choice of bow hunters. Aluminum is affordable, lightweight and strong which makes it pretty ideal as a hunting tool. Even to this day, some bow hunters prefer aluminum arrows as they are typically heavier than their carbon counterparts.

Determining the right size hunting arrow for you

One tip to determine the right size of arrow for you is to stand up, and spread your arms while making sure they both remain parallel to the floor. Do this without pulling your shoulder blades together. Have some assist you with a measuring tape to figure out the exact distance between both of your middle fingers, and then divide the value by 2.5. This will give you a pretty good idea of your draw length.

For example, if your arm-span is 72 inches, divide that by 2.5 with the result equalling 28.8” of draw length.

Once you’ve determined your draw length, add an additional 1 or 2 inches. This will create your ideal arrow length. Again, looking at the above example, your ideal arrow length then would be between 29 and 21 inches long. The majority of people have a draw length of roughly 28” which is why many hunting arrow manufacturers produce to that measurement.

The Difference between Hunting and Target Arrow Shafts

As mentioned earlier, the biggest difference between target arrow shafts and hunting arrow shafts is the arrow weight. The heavier the arrow shaft, generally the deeper it will penetrate on impact as lighter arrows lose velocity quicker on impact. When target practicing, deep penetration isn’t a big deal you’re only looking to pierce a target made of foam or cardboard. Hunting game on the hand requires some deep penetration to pierce through the fat of an animals and sometimes even bone.

The Difference Between Hunting Arrow Tips and Target Arrow Tips

The type of arrow point you use will essentially define it’s function. An arrow can be fitted with a variety of points depending on the purpose in which you intend to use it. Whether you’re hunting big game, or shooting cardboard targets in the backyard, it’s important you have the proper arrow head or tip.

Arrow heads are interchangeable so if you find a pack of arrows you really like, it’s easy to change the tip based on the type of activity you’re participating in.

Let’s now take a look at some of the best hunting arrows available online.

Top 5 Hunting Arrow Reviews

1. Feather Fletched Easton Jazz Arrow

As these are Trueflight feathers, they are made using real domestic turkey feathers. They also offer right-wing helical offset. Helical offset allows the arrow to turn in flight, stabilizing the arrow allowing the arrow to fly straighter.These arrows are made of aluminum and can be used by archers from 3 years old and older. Built for bows with 15 to 50 pound bow weights, the tips are made of steel and the nocks are made of plastic and are certainly replaceable. The aerospace alloy surface allows these arrow to cruise through the air slamming into targets with maximum precision.

2. Easton ICS Bowhunter Arrows

A true hunters arrow, the Easton ICS Bowhunter arrows provide the perfect balance of long-lasting durability and speed. Built with carbon strength and durability are for those who are serious about hunting game. This arrow features a direct-fit super nock which is pre-installed on the arrow and CB inserts are included.

It’s important to be careful when using carbon arrows as the arrow shafts can break after they enter the body of a large game animal. Ensure to inspect the arrow shaft before each shot to identify any nicks, splits or cracks that might affect the durability of the arrow. Although carbon shafts can break, it does not mean these arrows are not of high quality. It’s natural for carbon arrows to splinter and when hunting you should always inspect the meat for any carbon splinters.

3. Huntingdoor Carbon 31” Hunting

Shipping in packs of 12, these very lightweight and strong arrows are fantastic for any hunter. Ideal for recurve or compound bows that have a draw weight of 40-60 pounds, these carbon fiber arrows really pack a punch upon impact into your prey.

Featuring top quality screw tip on/off arrows you’ll be receiving both hunting and training heads when you order these arrows.

4. I-Sport 32” Fibergllas Target Hunting

Designed using fiberglass, this nicely crafted arrow come with a sharp 100 grain broadhead blue color. These arrows also ship with training tips for practice which is extremely handy as well. Compatible with both compound and long recurve bows.

Very popular among people who have purchased this set of arrows, it’s a fan favorite among hunters and target shooters alike. I’ve noticed a few issues with durability over time but overall are pretty well produced arrows.

Final Thoughts on the Best Hunting Arrows

No matter which option you choose from the above, you’ll be equipped with an arrow that is capable of taking down game. In some of the above cases, the arrows are designed for both hunting and target practice which can be extremely attractive. It’s important whenever you’re hunting to ensure you have the take down power to humanely kill an animal; I cannot stress this enough. My preference is always to go with a heavier arrow and ensure you have the proper recurve bow to support the weight of the arrow. It’s also important to ensure you’re following state law as to what game you’re hunting. All states have laws and licenses and it’s important you abide by these laws as they were created for a reason.

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