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Genesis Original Bow Review

There are many brands of bow out in the market with many kinds of specification, which makes us confuse a lot, which bow should I take, which bow will suit me, which bow has great performance and lots of confusion. To clear these clouds from your mind, today we reviewed genesis original bow.

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Genesis Original Bow Review

Pros: Genesis Bow is the official bow of the NASP. This means that the bow meets international standards. That is enough endorsement for any compound bow on the market. In addition to that, the genesis original bow only requires a slight adjustment in order to change the draw weight. This makes it perfect for anyone including children and beginners.
Cons: This compound bow does not have a lot of negative but to be very critical, one flaw of this bow is that it does not have any sights. Not having sights makes it harder for an archer to have a proper aim. However, this minor flaw should not be a game changer for anyone planning on getting this bow.

The Genesis compound bow is used in the school program. It also plays a huge role in reducing the recoil, noise when shot, and turning issues.

The good side with the bow is that it is ideal for beginners, kids, and adults. This Genesis Original Bow review will let you know everything about this bow.

In addition to being ideal for almost everyone, the bow has no specific draw length that means that there is no time that your kids will outgrow it. This gives you peace of mind since you know that you do not have to keep on buying new bows as you improve your skills.

For many young archers, this is the most popular bows. Many people regard the bow as the product that tends to bridge the gap between your child and the real bow. The good side with the bow is that it comes with everything that you need to start shooting.

Perfect recommendation for kids

If you have kids who love shooting, you should consider introducing this bow to them. The ideal kids that you should introduce the bow to are those that are around second and third grade. To ensure that the kids use the bow properly, you should adjust the draw weight for the kids. The good side is that it is easy to adjust the draw weight, thus you will have no problems in adjusting the draw weight for your kids. You should not worry about leaving the bow with your kids. This is because the bow is usually made of aluminum so it can’t be easily damaged.

Draw weight of Genesis

The draw weight of this bow tends to shoot at a higher weight. For example, if you set the draw weight to 20 lbs, the bow will shoot like its 35 lbs. The good side is that while the bow works like this, it does not re-curve.

Limbs are the main tools used in adjusting the draw weight. To ensure that the limbs are tight, limb bolts are used to attach limbs to the riser. To decrease the poundage you only need to use a 3/16” hex wrench. Here you need to turn the limb bolts in a counterclockwise direction. One full turn is approximately 1.4 lbs of draw weight; therefore, if you need to adjust more, you need to make many turns. You should note that you should turn the limb together with the limb bolts.

High Quality Construction

As mentioned, the bow is made of machined aluminum that makes it very durable and lightweight. This ensures that the bow can be easily carried even by small children. In addition to the bow being made of aluminum, it also comes with a molded grip and a lower mount stainless steel wire guard. The bow also comes with a flipper arrow rest. If you love accessories, the bow is drilled and tapped to give room for accessories.

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The positive of this compound bow

The good side with this bow is that it is recommended by archery teachers all over the world. In fact, it is the official bow of the NASP. This means that the bow meets international standards.

The other proof the bow is that it requires a slight adjustment in order to change the draw weight. This makes it perfect for children and adults.

It is simple to buy. This is because all you need to do is to identify a reputable store and make your purchase. The good side is that you do not have to measure the bow. This is because the bow can be used by almost everyone.

Once you buy it, the bow is easy to use. This is because all you need to do is to follow the manual and you will easily start shooting.

The negative of this compound bow

Nothing is perfect and this bow is certainly not either. Not anything is 100% perfect. This applies for this Genesis bow. There are a few cons the bow has. One disadvantage is it does not have sights on it.

Although you will find a mounting location, the negative part is that you cannot adjust it. The truth is this should not make the bow disappointing.

Final words on Genesis Original Bow

This bow is a definite must have for kids and beginners. However, it does not mean that grown adults can’t get it. The beauty of this bow is that it is very flexible and adjustable. Another plus point is that this bow is getting a 5 star review on amazon.

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