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Siege Compound Bow Review

Seige Compound Bow Review

Pros: Other than it being a good beginner’s bow due to its durability and weight, the Seige Compound Bow is very affordable and definitely value for your money. If you do not have a big budget but would like to own a quality compound bow then this is the bow for you. The ABS limb construction technology enhance this bow capability to withstand long usage.
Cons: One minor drawback about the Seige Compound Bow is that it only fits a right-hander due to the designed. As a result, lefties will not be able to enjoy this good bow. Another issue is the sight that is included with the bow are of lower end and definitely needs a replacement if you are serious about your bow.

Get your young archer started in the hobby with a great advantage when it comes to developing and sharpening their skills. Archery is a great hobby to be involved in but it does take a lot of practice. One good way to get an archer started on the right track is the Seige 55lb compound bow. This is a great budget fit that will help get you into the hobby at an affordable price. We all want to save money but we don’t want to sacrifice our hobbies in the process. This good bow fit is a good aim for any budget.

Some of the Seige features include:

  • Draw weight: 40-55 lbs.
  • Draw length: 29”
  • Axle to Axle length: 41.5”
  • Speed: 206 FPS
  • ABS limb construction

Pros of Seige Compound Bow

The Seige compound bow is a good fit for anyone starting out in archery. The higher draw weight helps it to be a good fit for older youth and adults who are just beginning to develop their skills and techniques. This bow also carries a look and feel of a bow that is a step up from a beginner bow. The ABS limb construction gives this bow a rugged durability that will stand up to the abuse shot after shot.

Some of the things that make the Seige bow a good choice are really normal in comparison to other bows. Nothing really stands out but you get a really good payback for the price. One advantage is the lightweight construction. At around 4 lbs. this makes it comfortable for those longer practice sessions. It does carry a decent feel of power to practice longer archery shots. Again for the price this is a good starter bow to help develop techniques and skills.

Cons of Seige Compound Bow

One of the downsides is the right handed orientation. It is not available in a left handed model. The sight that the Seige comes with is a lower end site that could be improved. At the price that you pay for this bow you can afford to upgrade your accessories. Also the arrow rest could be improved, not bad but could hold arrow more securely. It also has no nocking point so you would have to make some adjustments and add one of your own.

Personal advice on the bow

As with any bow that you own make sure you check your manufacture’s specifications and warranty before you make any changes. Always check with your local bow technician before you make any changes to the bow. Safety is always the first priority when considering any type of changes. Always use safe techniques and always operate a bow under the right supervision.

If you are just starting out and looking for a compound bow, you will never go wrong with Seige Compound Bow. If you are still unsure then take a look at some reviews by previous buyer:

My recommendation

I would recommend this bow as a great way to introduce anyone to archery. The features the Seige compound bow carries will make it a good fit for an older child to develop with. You can change and set the feature to fit them as they grow. Visit your local sporting good or major online shop and check out this well featured bow.

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