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Shiney Black Target Practice Arrows Review

The Shiney Black Target Practice Arrow provides the perfect opportunity for a practice arrow. These arrows offers a good money saving option when it comes time to replace your supply of practice bows.

This is a great arrow for the beginning archer to get a feel for his bow while developing the techniques he needs.

Shiney Black Target Practice Arrows Review

Shiney Black Target Practice Arrow


  • These arrows came out of the box ready to go and in great shape.
  • The price was a very good price for a beginning arrow when taking in consideration the abuse it will receive from a beginner.


  • This arrow does have a lot of flex to that effects the arrow flight a lot.
  • This would not be the arrow to set a bow up with.

Shiney Black Target Practice Arrows

  • Shiney Black High Quality Fiberglass
  • Colored Plastic Fletching
  • Bright Colored Nocks
  • Rounded Stainless Steel Bullet Tips
  • Ready to Shoot

Advantages –

The price make these arrows easy to replace. This is a perfect arrow for use with the low draw weight on beginning bows. This is a good arrow but do not expect the great performance after paying a low price. But this arrow does give an archer the opportunity to purchase a lot of practice arrows.

Disadvantages –

As with almost any piece of archery equipment there are a few drawbacks. The only bows these arrows will be a good fit for are bows that have a draw weight of less than 55 lbs. Some of the fletchings were not lined up with the nock the way it should. The Shiney Black Target Practice Arrows are just what they are called practice arrows. The tips of these arrows are also glued on. These arrows comes with no inserts that would make tip changes much easier.

Plenty of Benefits –

Be sure to take great care when using these arrows. These arrows are great arrows for beginners. I would not recommend these arrows for more developed archers. These arrows, as well as any other type of archery equipment, needs to be handled with great care. Be sure that the right supervision is provided so the archery equipment can be operated safely. Always think safety first and never use archery equipment the way it was designed to be used.

Take a visit to day to your local sporting goods store or bow shop and ask for Shiney Black Target Practice Arrows for a great way to target shoot. This is a great way to teach children and youngster about the great outdoors. We need to keep this timeless tradition from fading away. Help your youngsters to develop a great respect for the outdoors by getting this arrow now on Amazon.

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