Shortbow vs Longbow – What’s The Difference?

Do you want to be an archer? Are you going to buy bows? If your answer is “yes”, you must know the answers to the two questions below.

Do you know what is better shortbow or longbow? Which is a more powerful crossbow or longbow? Immediately after entering the market, you will ask yourself these questions. Before buying any of them, you must know the core features of the bows.

I have enlisted all the necessary comparisons between the short bow and longbow below in the article. All you have to do just reading the article thoroughly to have a clear sense of those bows.

Shortbow vs Longbow

Shortbow vs Longbow

Looks: The shopkeeper may suggest you buy the best bow for the sake of his benefits. You should know well about the bow so that you can select your one yourself.

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Introduction of short bow and longbow. A researched comparison between short bow and longbow


A short bow is naturally short in height and light in weight. People use the best short bow to shoot an object from a little or middle range. A short bow usually possesses the power of accuracy within a short-range. The most interesting thing about short is that short bow is younger than a longbow. Being stuff of modern age, the short bow has some distinct characteristics.

By the name, you already got that short bow requires short arrows to shoot towards a target to the point. On the other hand, lightweight has made the bow easy to carry. Best crossbow, recurve bow, and other related bows are in the segment of the short bow. You may see in your local area the uses of a crossbow and re-curve. Actually, a short bow is efficient for hunting and practicing target for sport.

Finally, you may call a bow as a short bow that is short in size, lightweight, and easy to carry.


On the contrary, a longbow is larger than a short bow. The height of a longbow may reach the height of the archer. Experts consider that the longbow is the most ancient among all the bows. You may hardly find any other category of a longbow.

The type of longbow depends on different regions and using purpose. The people the Bronze Age invented this amazing longbow to take part in warfare. The only purpose of making a longbow was to use a deadly weapon.

After that, people got efficiency to hunt from long distances using a longbow. Naturally, a longbow may have the heavyweight due to its manufacturing materials. Having a big size, you may not carry a longbow easily.

The main attraction of a long is the speed and accuracy to hit the target. Although the longbow has amazing features, modern archery does not consider a longbow in the professional area.

The Difference Between Shortbow and Longbow 


According to history, people used the short bow in the Bronze Age. Greeks invented the short bow for hunting and shooting. Shortbow was a new weapon for warfare in the contemporary age. Later on, Chinese, Assyrians, and Egyptians modified the short bow with their private technology.

On the other hand, people consider the longbow as the invention of the Anglo-Saxon period. According to history, people of Wales used a longbow in 633 AD. In ancient times, people called the longbow as English Bow because the English military used a longbow more than any region.


A longbow is usually larger than a short bow. A longbow may have the same size as the archer. By the name, you may think that the longbow is the largest bow in the world. Normally a longbow may be in size 1.87 meter to 2.11 meter.

Next, a short bow is smaller than a longbow. The size of a short bow may vary by different regions and uses of the archery. A short bow may be in size 3 to 5 feet.


The main use of the short bow was to attach the enemies riding on horseback. Shortbow was the main weapon of the Greeks. Then, the longbow was also a great weapon of warfare in England. English military used a longbow mostly in the world. At present, there is no use of the longbow.


A short bow normally has a curve among the limbs. You may take it like the wings of a bird. Having the shape of a bird’s wings, the short bow looks amazing. On the contrary, a longbow usually has a “D” shape. Due to its long height, you can see the shape clearly.


A longbow requires long arrows. Already you got that longbow is bigger in size. Hard rigidity of longbow needs long arrows to shoot up accurately. Contrariwise, short bow requires short arrows. Having short arrows, a short bow can throw the arrow so fast that it can pass through the jungle and bushes. Short arrows create hard rigidity to go through the bushes.


Anybody can create a longbow with wood, stick, bamboo, and other hard materials. It does not require that much cost as a short bow.

Besides, wood, metals, aluminum, and other related materials are the primary equipment of a short bow.

Shooting range:

A short bow can unstring an arrow 50 to 150 yards at a time. You can say it is middle speed. Next, a longbow can through an arrow maximum 200 yards. A longbow is useful to shoot from a far distance as well.


A long arrow from a longbow can travel about 300 feet per second. It loses its speed due to the weight of a long arrow. On the other hand, a short bow like a recurve bow can throw an arrow maximum 250 feet per second. The speed varies by the category of the short bow.


A short bow can hit the point to the point. A longbow has heavyweight. Due to its weight, an archer may have trouble to hit the point accurately.


Shortbow requires better maintenance than a longbow. Shortbow is a complex creation. You must not rivers the limbs. Do not use long and weighty arrows in short bow. In the case of a longbow, you must change the string regularly. Try to wax the string when you use it.


Everybody has one’s own choice. I have enlisted all the essential differences between the short bow vs longbow. The choice is up to you. Read the article again to be sure which one will be suitable for you. You can see that both bows have their own identity with their special features. Focus on the core features regarding your purpose of buying a bow.

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