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Best Recurve Bow for Beginners

One of the oldest hunting methods is the use of a bow and arrow. In recent years, this method has picked up speed with hunters eagerly putting down their rifle and taking on this challenging sport. What should you be looking for in a recurve bow when you want to leave the target range and take to the open woods? Let’s examine the key features you should be looking for in a recurve bow when you are wanting to experience the exhilaration of bow hunting.

What to Consider When Choosing a Recurve Bow for Hunting

The following aspects are what makes a recurve bow ideal for hunting purposes. Keep these in mind when choosing the right bow for you;

  • Noise Reduction: This is the single most important part of bow hunting. You need your bow to be as quiet as possible. Imagine you just spent hours tracking that ideal prey, setting up for your perfect shot and then bam! The animal gets spooked by some random sound generated by your bow as you string it. Choose a bow that is designed to minimize noise. Pay attention to the types of material the limbs are made of. They will often include a dampener or another silencing element.
  • Draw Weight: You will want to choose a recurve bow that has a draw weight of at least 40 pounds. You want your arrow to be able to penetrate and pierce your prey deeply. If you do not get a draw weight heavy enough, chances are you are going to simply injure your prey and it will run off. This is poor practice and unethical. It is recommended that you ensure you can physically handle a draw weight over 40+ pounds. Practice makes perfect. Recurve bows are also great for target practice, which you should be doing before taking to the woods to hunt an animal.
  • Bow Length: The longer your bow, the more accurate your shots will be. It is advisable to get a minimum bow length of 58 inches. More often than not, most recurve bows are over 60 inches in length so this shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Easy Transportation: Imagine carrying a 60 plus inch bow safely through thick bush without bending or damaging it. Sounds like a hassle doesn’t it? It is best to choose a takedown style bow. This will allow you to detach the limbs by unscrewing a few screws.

Best Recurve Bow for Beginners

1. Leader Accessories 40lbs Archery Equipment Hunting Compound Bow

The Leader Accessories 40 lbs Compound Bow has an ideal draw weight of 40 pounds and a bow length of 61 inches. For the price on this hunting bow is an ideal beginner piece. Its 3.5 star review does not do the item justice with the majority of customers being extremely satisfied with the unit. One customer only had one complaint and that is that the item title is misleading. The bow is a recurve bow, not a compound bow. Other customers had a hard time assembling the bow and following the instructions. As far as accuracy, use and quality are concerned, all customers were satisfied with the product.

2. 40 lb Black / White Archery Hunting Recurve Bow w

This recurve bow from iGlow has a 40lbs draw weight and a 61 inch bow length. It is light weight coming in at 3.6 pounds. The product comes with an arrow rest and two sight pins. The bow costs under $100 on and boasts a 4.3 star consumer rating. Many customers are thrilled with the quality, quick shipping and shot strength. One common complaint is that the string should be of a higher quality with multiple customers mentioning that it broke on them very quickly.

3. Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

These strengths range from 25 lbs all the way to 60 lbs with either right or left hand orientation. Customers have rated this bow a whopping 4.7 stars on Happy customers were extremely satisfied about the value vs. quality, the quiet nature of the unit, its aesthetic appeal and its easy takedown that can be done with bare hands. There were a few customers who seemed to have issues with the assemblyand some found that the unit broke on them after multiple months of use. These negative reviews were few and far between.


There are many quality recurve bows to choose from that accommodate every budget and skill level. Keep in mind that the bow you choose needs to have a quiet application, minimum bow length of 60 inches, a minimum draw weight of 40 pounds and should be easily transported. Consider as well pairing your purchase with some great accessories including a tree stand and single pin bow sight.

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