How to Adjust a Bow Sight – 7 Steps

Who wants to hit the bulls-eye? – “How to adjust a bow sight” is a common question for the newbie archery. Unstring arrow is easy but aiming to an exact point is a hard job.

Bow sight: At present, a bow sight is a tool or device, which helps the archer to aim the target properly. A bow sight can be of pin, glass, scope, or anything else. Bow sight can vary by different bows. The archer may have to change the bow sight regarding aim, weather, and light.

If you cannot hit the targeted point accurately, carrying a bow will be a childish hobby for you.

To be a professional archer you must know how to adjust a bow sight.

Adjusting bow sight will be easier when you the perfect way to adjust the entire tools properly. Read the article attentively and know all the hidden facts eventually.

Look: Do not skip any point. Read the description to know in detail.

How to Adjust a Bow Sight

How to Adjust a Bow Sight
Photo Credit: U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Natasha

Step 1 Control your gesture and posture

You must know the condition of the weather in the place where you are going to use a bow. Wind may change the direction of your arrow. You must know how much energy you should give to hold the string.

Look at your foot where you are standing. Fix your feet position so that you can press the utmost energy to the string. If you are attending a competition, try to select a plain place to stand. Stare outside and feel the breeze.

Check out your hand gloves carefully whether they are in good condition or not. Know your target well before shooting. If the target is an object, you may not think anymore. Otherwise, you should learn about the moving target.

Step 2 Follow your arrow

Arrows are the major thing to examine at first. You must know about the feature of the arrow you are going to unstring in few minutes. Look at the top and bottom of the arrow and gather information about how the arrow runs.

Select the best game arrow tips to hit the aim directly for the first time. Here, you may get the necessary knowledge from an expert in your local area. You surf on the net to read about the game arrow tips.

If you have installed a bow sight in your bow already, look through for the first time. Try to examine the condition of the bow. Here you may need to adjust the bow for the first time. 

Step 3 Bow adjustment

You may get your string loose. Take a screwdriver and fix the level of your string. Measure the distance of your target and fix the level of your string.

Do not make so tight the string. It may scatter in high pressure. Be friendly with the bow. Read the user guild line of the bow to know all the facts. Knowing best about the bow will make you easy to unstring the bow.

Step 4 Take a shot

When you are all set, just take a shot. Fix a target and take the shot. Here you have measured the distance, aim, pin level, and breeze.

Look through the sight and shoot the arrow to the targeted point. Go near to the point and look at the position of the arrow where it has hit. If the arrow hits below the target, keep the down the pin. Keep the pin-up if the arrow hits above the target.

Be careful, you are doing the right job now. Move the pin smoothly so that they cannot move higher and lower. When you are done with the first shot, take another shot to check the adjustment.

Now look at the targeted point and follow the same way as before. Arrange the pins in order.

Step 5 Adjust your pin

Bow sight pins are so soft to move. You can see colorful pins in your bow sight. Adjust the pins as I said in the above point.

You can use a tinny thing to adjust the pins. Do not poke your finger into the pin so that you may not damage the arranged pins.

Step 6 Record the setting

When you have fixed the pins, record the setting in your notebook. You have to measure the distances of the pins. Draw the pins in the notebook. Now write the measurement above the pins.

Do not make any mistake on the notebook. Otherwise, you have to adjust the pins again and record the setting.

Step 7 Try again

Now take another shot when all are set. Here you may shoot to your targeted point confidently. Look out the setting carefully and take an innumerable shot.

Bottom line: You may change the technique to adjust the bow sight regarding the bow and target. Follow the steps eventually.


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