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Best Bowfishing Bow: Review and Buying Guide

If you’re looking for the best bowfishing bow, you’ve come to the right place. A sport which is becoming increasingly popular around the word, bowfishing is both tremendously challenging and a whole lot of fun.

What is Bowfishing?

Bowfishing is a style of fishing which utilizes special archery equipment to… you guessed it! Fish! Bowfishing isn’t just for fishermen though as bowhunters in general will test their archery skills extending to the sport of fishing. It also serves as a extension of the typical hunting season, as bowfishing can take place 365 days a year and has varied regulations compared to hunting game.

Best Bowfishing Bow Reviews

Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch

best bowfishing bow

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It features two interchangeable draw modules, a draw specific module and a constant draw module with a 60% let off, providing draw length adjustments from 17 and up to 31 inches. It’s also equipped with deep grooves to prevent derailed strings while on the water.Developed by bow fishermen for bow fishermen, the Cajun Bowfishing Sucker Punch bow can handle all of the extremes of bowfishing. With an axle-to-axle length of 32.25 inches and a brace height of 7.25 inches, it’s a full-size bow for taking down some serious prey. It also features a draw weight of up to 50 pounds so I don’t recommend this bow for the young bow fisherman.

One thing I really like about this option is that you can either get the ‘bow-only’ option or a ‘ready-to-fish’ option which includes everything you’ll need to start bowfishing tomorrow. It includes a Fishing Biscuit arrow rest, Cajun Blister Buster finger pads, Cajun hybrid bowfishing reel and two white fiberglass arrows designed for taking down your prey.

The Suck Punch is designed to takedown big fish including carp or even alligator! One of the best bowfishing bows on the market, it’s definitely a bow to consider.

Advanced Bowfishing Package with PSE Kingfisher

best bowfishing bow
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The included Sure Shot arrow are designed with penetrating fish point that enable piercing power, even through the water and tough scales of a fish. The bow also offers a safety slide to prevent annoying fish arrow snap back and to ensure perfect arrow propulsion while in flight.

As for aesthetics, it certainly doesn’t lack as it’s camo design will give you a sense of ruggedness that only the best hunting weapons are designed for.One of the best recurve bows on the market is paired with a fantastic advanced bowfishing packages on the market.

Equipped with one of our favorite bowfishing reels on the market, the RH Advanced Bowfishing Package features the legendary AMS Retriever #310 that offers unparalleled performance. The real is geared and is confidently strong, it’s a hard hitter at 50 pounds. To ensure protection for the bowfishers fingers, the package includes finger tabs to prevent blistered fingers so you can fish all day and night!

PSE Kingfisher Bowfishing Kit

best bowfishing bow

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The spool attached has 50 feet of 80-pound test line to accommodate for both big and small fish. Included as well is the Snap Shot arrow rest which is brand new from PSE and is again helpful for those novice bowfisher men and women who are perhaps a little bit on the ‘green’ side.   One of my favorite options for novice bowfishers, the PSE Kingfisher comes in a kit to let you make the most out of your time on the water.

Both durable and a hard-shooter, you can tell just by holding it how well-built this product is. Delivering great performance while remaining lightweight at just 2.7 pounds; this bow has a lot to offer. With an all-season camo design, you’ll be prepared to hunt like a serious bow angler.

The Equipment of Bowfishing

Somewhat similar to spearfishing, bowfishing employs pointed weapons (arrows) instead of hooks to bait a fish. Generally, bowfishers will do their hunting while standing on a boat or in shallow water, making sure to remain extremely calm as not to scare off the fish.

Bowfishing arrows will generally have greater strength compared to a typical archery arrow. The reason being that the arrow will have to be able to travel through the denseness of water while still having the force to pierce the target. Generally, the arrows for bowfishing will be made of a heavier weight fiberglass or even solid aluminum and will be quite heavy overall. You can’t expect for the arrows to travel very far which is why these arrows are specific to bowfishing.

The arrow will however feature a barb which are useful for capturing the fish and keeping your catch stuck to the arrow. Also, the line from the reel is tied to the arrow with a type of slide mechanism which helps to prevent any tangling of the line or snapback.The fletching or feather characteristics of normal archery arrows will be absent as well since fletchings will actually negatively affect the arrow as it hits the water creating additional drag which will only slow the arrow down. Again, this is another reason arrows specific to bowfishing are not be used for regular archery or bow hunting.

The line used in bowfishing can be made of a variety of materials but will most often be made of braided nylon, dacron or in some cases spectra. Line weights will range between 80 and 400 pounds while 600 pound test lines will be used by those bowhunters hunting alligators. Yes – you can hunt alligators with a bow. Pretty damn cool.

The line comes in a variety of color although it’s typical to find neon orange, white or lime green as visually they are easy to follow, especially after you’ve made your shot and you’re reeling it back in.

As for a reel, you have a few different choices including the retriever, spincast and hand wrap reels. The simplest among the three types is the hand wrap reel which includes a circular spool around the line which is manually wrapped and secured in a slot that holds the line in place. The spincast reel is a better choice for those who have experience bowfishing as it offer greater speed and higher precision (but of course is more expensive). And finally, a retriever line holds the line place via a ‘bottle’ which sits on the end of your reel. Again, this option is more expansive than the hand-wrap reels.

That’s about it as far as bowfishing accessories are concerned although it’s always nice to have a pair of hip waders that will allow you stay dry when fishing in shallow water and of course a pair of gloves to protect your hands from the barb and the line as you make your shot.

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