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Bear Archery Brave 3 Review

Pros: The main feature of this compound bow is its durability. It is designed to withstand knocks and hits so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down on you while hunting. In addition, Bear Archery Brave III is very affordable and definitely value for money.
Cons: One disadvantage of the Brave III compound bow is that its string and draws are not adjustable. As such, you need to adjust to adapt to the bow and not the other way round. Also, the bow does not come with a peep sight.
BEAR ARCHERY started in 1967 by the famous American Fred Bear, the pioneer of bow hunting. For over more than half a century, Bear Archery Company has been producing bows and other hunting equipment and accessories. In this wide collection of products, there is something for everyone. The Bear Archery Brave III is a specially designed model for children and youth.

Brave III Compound Bow by Bear Archery

Simpler in design and very easy to handle, the Bear Archery Brave III is a perfect choice for children who wants more than just a toy. The bow is loaded with everything a kid needs to kick off as an archer and is suitable for children aged 8 years and above.

Features of this compound bow

The bow has a very durable and hard-wearing structure made of fiberglass. It comes with two 24” safety glass arrows, a finger tab, two pieces arrow quiver, 1-pin sight and arm guard. To make it more fascinating, an arrow rest from Whisker Biscuit has also been included. The bow is available for right-hander archers only.

The axe-to-axle length for this bow is 26”. It has a draw length between 18 to 20 inches and draw weight from 18 to 25 lbs. With 60% let-off; kids can shoot more gently and conveniently. It has a 6” brace height and is available in black color with a temporary tattoo.

Advantages of Brave III Compound Bow

The bow is believed to have more advantages as compared to the draw backs. Let me share with you some of the advantages of this bow.

Ideal Choice for Beginners

But the majority of the customers have really enjoyed the results. They believe it to be the best worth for their money. With the increase in people’s inclination towards hunting and archery, it is becoming an equally famous past time for children, and for them to get started, this bow is a perfect choice. It has got all the manifestations and mechanisms of a real compound bow.


And at a very reasonable price, it provides you all the qualities of an actual compound bow. The durable structure of the limbs and riser makes it suitable for children keeping in mind the rough handling expected by them.

Equally Good for Adults

Surprisingly, a few adults have also found it helpful for refining their skills. They found it well suited for the practice they needed. The bow is also available in pink and camo finish with a variation in prices.

Disadvantages of Brave III Compound Bow

With a very high demand in the market, this bow is a love-it or hate-it model. Many parents have had issues in using this bow. They usually complain about the nonadjustable draws and strings. The bow does not include any peep sight which makes it a little too difficult to shoot the target.

The bow does not support very high shooting range which becomes challenging for some kids, but a few have got it adjusted by a little tuning of the cams.

Customer’s feedback

Altogether, Bear Archery Brave III has a very well rated repute in the market. There might be a few that does not support the bow, but overall, it is a demanded and well known bow that’s offers more advantages than cons. This is also proven by the 100+ positive reviews received on Amazon for this product. Below are some of the reviews:

My final verdict…

Very light in weight, the bow can easily be used by the children with a senior’s assistance but since the draw length does not vary pretty much, the bow suits children over 50” better. As it is designed for kids, the shooting range is not more than a few yards which make it easier to be used in backyards. It is a perfect tool to teach children the basic ins and outs of archery.

The bow is so simple in looks that it sometimes gives the impression of a toy, which it is not. This is a real bow designed especially for children, who sometimes even go out real hunting with their families.

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