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Top 5 Best Broadhead Archery Target: Review and Buying Guide

A good archery target is of crucial importance both for a bow hunter and target shooter. To sharpen hunting or shooting skill, there should be no compromise with the quality of the target. Essentially, there are 5 different targets available to hunt and shoot: crossbow targets, 3D targets, homemade targets, bag targets and foam block targets. Again, there are too many variations in bows, arrows, and broadheads, which make selecting the best target more complicated.

Therefore we are taking into consideration all the varieties and going to highlight a few types and kinds to determine what would be best for you. Essentially, for beginners, the target should be durable and resistant. Along with these, you would want it to be easy to pull and friendly to your bow and arrow. To assist you in selecting the proper archery target for you, we are here with archery target buying guide and top 5 broadhead archery target review.

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Choosing the Best Broadhead Archery Target

Choosing the perfect archery target for your bow is perplexing, especially if you are a newbie and not sure what you are looking for. Let’s know the few basic considerations you should look for while purchasing an archery target for your bow:

  1. Target type:

While choosing an archery target the first thing to consider is its type. Basically, you will find 3 options here like- Bag target, Foam Block target, and a 3-D practice target.

  • Bag targets are the most common and widely used archery targets among all. These targets are the best option for beginners as there remains a wide surface to practice. Alongside, they are of sturdy quality and can withstand repeated shot. They are portable also.
  • But you are not allowed this type of targets with broadheads. They are well-suited to field points.
  • 3-D practice targets are available in all animal species that make them an excellent choice for newbies. Clearly marked organs in these targets help in aiming precisely. They are most compatible with compound bows. You should not use them with broadheads as there remains a chance to get the target stuck in the foam layer.
  • But the downside of these targets is they are not durable.
  • Block targets are the most durable archery targets among all. The layered foam helps to stop the arrow which makes them serve for a long time. They are compatible with lightweight bows. Heavyweight bows are powerful and may not withstand repeated shots.
  1. Construction quality:

The structure quality is probably the most important factor to consider while choosing an archery target. The target should be sturdy enough to withstand shot after shot.

  1. Weather resistance:

If you are going to practice outside, you should look for weather resistant feature. It should be able to withstand rain, snow or sun.

  1. Colour:

Color has a great connection with practicing. The target should be contrasting colored so that it becomes easier to see from a considerable distance. Especially, it would benefit new archers.

  1. Price:

Price is obviously an important factor to consider. But it should not be the primary concern, rather you should check it after ensuring quality. If you compare prices from a different manufacturer who produces the same quality product, probably you would find something to fit your budget smoothly.

5 Best Broadhead Archery Target

So, now let’s proceed to know the top 5 broadhead archery target to make your selecting process smoother and easier.

Rinehart 18-1 Archery Target

Best Broadhead Archery Target

The first archery target in our list is Rinehart 18-1. It is one the most durable archery targets available in the market. Its 18-inch wide target zone would amaze you for sure.

Whether you are a target shooter or bow hunter, it would satisfy you with smooth performance. This target is made from its legendary ‘self-healing foam’ technology. It can resist shot after shot, that too without ruining its shape or integrity.

Moreover, the target is weatherproof, hence you can use it all the year long. Whether its rain, scorching sun or cold snow outside, the target is always ready to serve you.

Its lightweight feature has made transportation easier. On the top of this, the manufacturer included a handle to carry easily. So, now you can carry your favorite archery target to the camping also.

To prove their confidence on the target, the manufacturer is offering 1-year guaranty on this archery target.


  • Easy to pull
  • Lightweight
  • Weatherproof
  • Handle included


  • If not hit properly, tend to rotate which may harm the target.
  • Sometimes the arrow becomes difficult to remove.

Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS Bag Archery Target

Best Broadhead Archery Target

Next comes Morrell Double Duty 450 FPS bag archery target which is one of the most popular bag targets among the users. The target is compatible with a crossbow, compound bow, and air bow. You can achieve easy penetration with this archery target. After being shot, the target is easy to remove.

The target is made in the USA. So, you can easily guess the construction quality of the archery target. You can easily practice for quite a long time with this well-built target. To ensure longer target life, this one comes with a replaceable cover.

For easy carrying, the target comes with a tot handle. Moreover, the lightweight feature of the target aids in smart and easy portability.

With this Morrell Double Duty target, you don’t need to carry an extra target stand as it features freestanding. It does get locked into the ground like a vault. Because of HD graphic outlook design, the visibility of the target increases.  So, your shots won’t get missed anymore.

So, in a word, this is one of the best archery targets designed for serious archers.


  • Superior visibility
  • Freestanding
  • Long lasting
  • Replaceable target cover
  • Easy to carry
  • Made in the USA


  • Not suitable to use with broadheads

Block Classic Archery Target

Best Broadhead Archery Target

Block Classic Archery Target is one of the best foam block archery targets that stands away from the crowd with its unique features and benefits. As a block target, it displays more durability than bag targets.

Block classic archery target allows all kinds of arrows to practice with. Whether it’s broadhead, field point or something else, you can practice with all and improve your archery skill.

The highly visible color scheme is another feature that has made the target more popular. The white on black color makes it easy to see from a considerable distance.

To stop arrows, this classic archery uses friction. Unlike bag targets, when an arrow hits this classic block target it generates heat and eventually prevents it from further penetrating. This ultimately results in a longer target life.

The target comes with three different sizes which are helpful to choose the exact size you need. It’s very convenient to carry too.


  • Impressively durable
  • Highly visible
  • Available in 3 different sizes
  • Handle included
  • Compatible with all


  • High price tag

Block GenZ Youth Archery Target

Best Broadhead Archery Target

Now another block archery target which is Block GenZ Youth Archery Target. This one really amazing to take your youngster’s practicing a step forward. To practice shot accuracy, this one is a great option.

To progress archery skill of teens, the target has larger to smaller aiming dots, which will gradually help them proceed. Another important advantage of this archery target is it can be used with almost all types of arrows.

As a block target, Block GenZ Youth Target displays impressive durability. It easily can take hundreds of arrows for years. But if you want the best result from your Block GenZ Youth Archery Target, it’s recommended not to use broadheads.

Arrow stopping ability has made the target a reliable option. It uses the open layered technique to extract the arrow. Most of the time arrow gets stopped only after a few inches, so penetrating becomes smoother and comfortable.

It’s lightweight and portable also.


  • Sturdy construction of layer foam
  • Easy arrow penetration
  • Lightweight
  • Different size available
  • Highly visible


  • You are allowed to practice with the front and back side only

Black Hole 4 Sided Archery Target

Best Broadhead Archery Target

The last product of our list is Black Hole 4 Sided Archery Target. This very target is popular mainly because of 2 reasons – one is supreme visibility and another is hunting.

The target is designed with open layered foam, which makes it compatible for all types of arrow. You can practice from a different angle with this target to hone your aiming. You can practice shooting in all 4 sides with this black hole target.

Since this product belongs to the foam block category, you can easily assume the construction quality of the target. It will serve you for years smoothly. On the top of that, it is made in the USA.

There has been used high graphics to ensure 3D visibility of the target. The target features easy arrow removal which aids in less shooter fatigue and longer practice session.


  • 4 sided shooting
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Easy arrow removal
  • Affordable price
  • Highly visible


  • Some arrows may be hard to remove from this target

However, if you have gone through this article mindfully, surely you have noticed their uniqueness. Some are perfect for newbies while some others are great for professionals. Some are economical while some will perform for longer. Whatever your preference is, there must be something for you. Compare all and pick the best-suited one.

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